National Champions

The following are Star Boating Club's recorded gold medal performances at the NZ rowing championships.

1890-91 Wanganui

NZ Championship Double Sculls: A. S. Biss (bow), J. G. Duncan (str)

Junior Fours: C. E. Richardson (bow), H. L. Wiggins (2), H. W. Pownall (3), F. Pownall (str)

1891-92 Nelson

New Zealand Championship Pairs: W. E. Bendall (bow), A. W. Newton (str)

1892-93 Christchurch

Maiden Fours: A. G. Hume (bow), H. Palmer (2), G. F. Johnson (3), R. W. Wallace (str)

1898-99 Auckland

Zealand Championship Double Sculls: F. G. Hume (bow), R. B. Pownall (str)

1899-1900 Picton

Maiden Fours: C. E. Bridge (bow), [F. C. Widdop or A. E. Exley] (2), C. W. S. Cox (3) J. E. Widdop (str)

F.G Hume New Zealand Double Sculls Champion 1898-99

R.B Pownall New Zealand Double Sculls Champion 1898-99

1901-02 Wellington

Maiden Fours: T. C. Hamer (bow), N. H. James (2), F. D. Johnson (3), W. R. C. Oswin (str)

Youth Fours: T. C. Hamer (bow), N. H. James (2), F. D. Johnson (3), W. R. C. Oswin (str)

1904-05 Wellington

New Zealand Championship Fours: W. R. C. Oswin (bow), J. A. Hughes (2), A. T. Bendall (3), A. D. Bayfeild (str)

1905-06 Picton

Maiden Fours: A. M. Thomson (bow), R. J. Bird (2), G. H. Fell (3), W. S. Fell (str)

1920-21 Picton

Youth Fours: W. P. Robb (bow)

1923-24 Picton

Junior Pairs: H. R. Herd (bow)

1926-27 Picton

Maiden Pairs: F. H. Mullins (bow), F. C. Crease (str)

Maiden Fours: L. Shotlander? (bow), F. C. Crease? (2), F. H. Mullins (3), D. Brooker (str)

Youth Fours: S. G. Rees (bow), R. A. Comerford (2), J. F. Platts – Mills (3), D. G. Gray (str)

1928-29 Picton

New Zealand Championship Pairs: G. E. Williams (bow), G. C. Cooke (str)

1929-30 Picton

Maiden Pairs: I. A. Cromie (bow), F.M. Bell (str)

1930-31 Wellington

Maiden Pairs: R. A. Comerford (str)

Maiden Lightweight Fours: J. I. Cooke (bow), R. Grant (3)

Senior Fours: P. H. Field (3) D. G. Gray (str)

1932-33 Wanganui

New Zealand Championships Pairs: F. H. Mullins (bow), G. C. Cooke (str)

Maiden Fours: R. Rees (bow), T. S. Peters (2), J. I. Thodey (3), S. I. Kidd (str)

1933-34 Picton

Juinor Fours: W. Webb (3), S. I. Kidd (str)

Maiden Fours: J. I. Thodey (2)

1934-35 Auckland

Maiden Fours: S. F. Eggers (bow), J. P. Peters (2), A. R. Lawson (3), L. L. Hoskings (str)

New Zealand Championships Pairs: F. H. Mullins (bow), G. C. Cooke (str)

1936-37 Akaroa

Maiden Lightweight Fours: A. R. Burge (bow), K. J. Fraser (2), L. Caselburg (3), K. E. May (str)

1938-39 Picton

Junior Fours: G. C. Broad (bow), P. F. Shirley (2), A. R. Lawson (3), L. L. Hoskings (str)

Junior Welterweight Fours: E. V. Dawson (bow), W. H. G. Hawker (bow), R. P. Hill (2), H. W. Bevan (str)

1947-48 Port Chalmers

Maiden Fours: G. Honore (bow), R. Connal (2), W. Porter (3), D. McLeod (str)

1957-58 Wanganui

Maiden Pairs: W. D. Dent (str), D. A. Cameron (bow)

1959-60 Picton

Junior Eights: P. W. McFarlane (bow), C. N. Bridge (2), D. A. Cameron (3), R.J Joyce (4), J. W. Turnbull (5), W. R. Armstrong (6), C. McMahon (7), L. F. Schwass (str)

Certificate presented to Duncan Cameron for his win in the Maiden Pairs

1960-61 Christchurch

Maiden Fours: G. Skipper (bow), B. Welch (2), D. G. Winter (3), B. Armstrong (str).

1962-63 Lake Karapiro

Youth Fours: W. N. Taylor (bow), A. C. Ansell (2), A. Roger (3), R. S. Prince (str)

Youth Eights: D. G. McGuire (bow), G. Guthrie (2), W. N. Taylor (3), A. C. Ansell (4), A. Roger (5), R. S. Prince (6), D. A. Coombe (7), C. W. Bishop(str).

1963-64 Lake Waihola

Junior Fours: L. J. Sunde (bow) A. C. Ansell (2), W. N. Taylor (3), R. S. Prince (str)

Novice Fours: B. L. Albiston (bow), G. Fisher (2), J. H. Pope (3), R. Dobson (str)

1965-66 Lake Karapiro

Junior Double Sculls: S. L. Radford (bow), J. G. Gibbons (str)

Maiden Double Sculls: R. Clark (bow), W. N. Taylor (str)

1966-67 Lake Waihola

Junior Double Sculls: C.N.H.Bridge (bow), A.A.Dowling (str)

1988-89 Lake Karapiro

Women’s Intermediate Eight: Judith Hamilton, Jo Marment, Belinda Marment, Chris Patterson, Tui Shadbolt, Amanda Besley, Jane Gault, Victoria Fitchett, cox Claire Healey, coach Steve Horwell

Women’s Intermediate Four: Judith Hamilton, Chris Patterson, Belinda Marment, Jo Marment, cox Claire Healy, coach Steve Horwell

1991-92 Lake Karapiro

Women’s Senior Double: Merryn Johnson, Judy Brown

1994-95 Lake Ruataniwha

Men’s Intermediate Coxed Four: Foss Shanahan (Bow), Julian Lonsdale (2), Brent Smith (3) Hunter Tretheway (Str) Chris Woods (cox)

Women’s Senior Eight: Bea van Mullekom, Jane Murray, Kate Robinson, Melissa Bray, Rowan Quinn, Charlotte Henry, Deirdre Byrne, Alice Henry cox Andrea Gudsell

Women’s Intermediate Coxed Four: Kate Robinson, Jane Murray, Bea van Mullekom, Melissa Bray cox Andrea Gudsell

1995-96 Lake Karapiro

Men’s Senior Coxed Four: Foss Shanahan (Bow), Julian Lonsdale (2), Brent Smith (3) Hunter Tretheway (Str) Chris Woods (cox)

Women’s Senior Eight Sarah Crichton, Alex Scott, Rosa Volz, Belinda Ryan, Rowan Quinn, Michaela Stirling, Deirdre Byrne, Alice Henry, cox Andrea Gudsell

Women’s Novice Eight: Dave Thomas (coach)

1996-97 Lake Ruataniwha

Women’s Championship Coxless Four: Kate Robinson, Bea van Mullekom, Belinda Ryan, Rosa Volz

Women’s Championship Coxless Pair: Kate Robinson, Bea van Mullekom

Men’s Junior Single: Sam Brown

1997-98 Lake Karapiro

Women’s Championship Lightweight Single: Melissa Bray

Women’s Senior Eight: Louise Saviker, Robyn Gilbertson, Marianne Lupton, Ann-Maree Patterson, Sarah Nyberg, Michaela Stirling, Lauren Stewart, Emily McGavin, cox Andrea Gudsell

Women’s Championship Lightweight Double: Melissa Bray, Alex Scott

1998-99 Lake Ruataniwha

Women’s Championship Lightweight Single: Alex Scott

Women’s Intermediate Single: Belinda Ryan

Women’s Championship lightweight Double: Melissa Bray, Alex Scott

Women’s Championship Eight: Claire Manning, Jude Ellis, Bea van Mullekom, Belinda Ryan, Melissa Bray, Sarah Nyberg, Emily McGavin, Alex Scott, cox Leanne Hodson

1999-2000 Lake Karapiro

Men’s Intermediate Eight: Gerard O’Flynn (bow), Nestar Russell (2), Paul Ward (3), Simon Crowther (4), Gary Ward (5), Ben Dunsheath (6), Ben Ashby (7), Nick Cozens (str), Michael Camplin (cox), Nick Sygrove (coach)

Women’s Championship Lightweight Single: Melissa Bray

Women’s Senior Double: Belinda Ryan, Bea van Mullekom

Merrin Porter and Judy Brown

NZ Double Scull Champs 1992

Alex Scott(middle) - Winner of LW 1x , Melissa Bray(left), and Rachel Brider(right) of Union Wanganui

Alex Scott(str) and Melissa Bray(bow), in the Champion Lightweight 2x

2000-01 Lake Ruataniwha

Women’s Senior Single: Belinda Ryan

Women’s Senior Double: Sarah Nyberg, Belinda Ryan

Women’s Senior Coxless Quad: Emily McGavin, Kea Ward, Sarah Nyberg, Belinda Ryan

2008-09 Lake Ruataniwha

Men’s Under 21 Double: Sam Wells (Central RPC)

2009-10 Lake Karapiro

Men’s Under 21 Coxless Quad: Joseph Trappit (Central RPC)

Women’s Championship Eight: Linda Matthews (Central RPC)

Belinda Ryan - Winner Senior 1x

Belinda Ryan(middle) on the dias with Otago RC's Emily Liddell(left) and Sarah Nyberg(right)

Sam Wells and his doubles partner, Robbie Manson of Wairau RC

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