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Star Boating Club is located on Taranaki St Wharf, by the lagoon opposite the pedestrian overbridge from Civic Square. We are downstairs from our function centre, "The Boatshed"

Clubhouse Phone 801 5090

Unless you know someone who is training in the clubhouse at the time you are phoning, it's best not phone the clubhouse - the Boatshed staff will usually answer the phone and they have little to do with general rowing matters. Email is the best form of contact, or you can pop down to the club and talk to any of the coaches who may be around.

Experienced Rowers:
Novice Rowers (beginners):

Coxes (beginners and experienced):
Masters (beginners and experienced, aged 27+):


Other rowing matters:

Events/Hire of The Boatshed: Please visit The Boatshed website
or try the following contact points:
Phone 801 5090 or 472 7435
Fax: +64 (0) 4 499 4122
Post: P.O. Box 2887, Wellington, N.Z.


Any other matters:

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