Parents and Supporters


School aged rowers make up the majority of athletes almost every rowing club in NZ. Star is no exception to that. 

Star cannot operate without the support of all rowers’ parents. For a successful rowing season, commitment is a necessity, not just from all rowers, but all rowers’ parents. Raucous and positive support for your son or daughter, his or her crew and the other Star crews on the bank is essential and very much encouraged. 

Often parents become addicted to the sport just like the rowers. These parents become such an asset and have a great time when we’re away - meeting old friends they haven’t seen for years whose children are also involved in rowing. You will also find once your son or daughter becomes involved with rowing the whole family become involved, with grandparents / and extended family turning up to watch racing.

Without your support, the coaching staff and your son or daughter and crew mates cannot enjoy the experience that rowing can offer.