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Petone Solstice

posted 20 Jun 2010, 01:14 by Nathan Wallace
What better time to do a long distance race than right in the middle of winter! Petone Solstice - Star's first race of the season.

With Wellington harbour conditions looking perfect, something had to give... The rain. It kept on giving, ensuring everyone was thoroughly drenched.

With the coach thinking the race was on at 9am, everyone assembled outside the boatshed at 7:30am for a ride to Petone. Two hours later Star pushed off from the Korokoro beach to head for the Petone Rowing club

Star on the left row down to Petone Rowing Club with Wellington R.C.

Upon arrival at Petone RC, there was a lot of milling around before Greg of Petone R.C. explained the rules, To the mouth of the Hutt twice, with a "Le Mans Style" start - the competitors (Aramoho, Petone, Porirua, Star and Wellington) looked eager
Greg Stothers of Petone R.C. gives a briefing to the competitors

There was more waiting. The competitors were getting anxious. Then finally....
Finally about to start

They're off!

Petone were away first, but Aramoho won the event
At least Clara was ready

Star did not get the best of starts, nor was the intensity high - but at this stage of the season, everyone deserves credit for participating in cold, wet conditions, and finishing an almost 10k race.