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Motorway Marathon

posted 22 Aug 2010, 02:49 by Nathan Wallace   [ updated 24 Aug 2010, 02:39 by SBC Admin ]
Sunday morning saw the Motorway "Marathon" held for the 2nd year running. Readers from out of Wellington may wonder what the significance of that is - it's difficult finding a day to row a 7.6km race on Wellington harbour.

The Wellington College crew managed to defend the Bishop Owen Oar by winning the schools' eights race. In the Mothes Shield (the club fours/quads race), the race organisers were the ultimate winners of the day, as there were no prognostics calculated. This meant that a men's coxless quad was almost guaranteed victory, and this was the case with Petone taking the shield.

Using the times provided by and the Sykes on-line prognostic calculator, Wellington College, rowing as Star 1 have the right to complain.

Here are the Mothes Shield results (in order of prognostic percentage)

 Club Crew Category Time Prognostic
Star 1 Abernethy, Scott, Freer, Walker + Clarke Parker (cox)JM 4x+ 33:4667.37%
Petone 2 Anderson, Shelton, O'Reilly, AdamsWomens 4x 34:33
Star 3 Blackmore, Popovich, Boyle, Gilbert-Milne Womens 4x 34:5066.37%
Star 2 Probert, Saunders, Roberts Booch, Butchers + Hancock JM 4x+ 34:4865.37%
Wellington 5 Joy, Langtry, James, Burgess Womens 4- 36:45
Petone 3 McAnallen, O'Reilly, Obrian, Shepherd Mens 4x 32:4564.4%
Porirua 2 crew not listed Mens 4x 33:15
Petone 1 G.Whitaker, G.Billingham, A.Wright, C.Hardie Womens 4x 37:4061.38%
Wellington 2 Williams, Abraham, Munro, Thornbury, cox ? Mx Mast D 4x+ 45:1157.78%
Wellington 4 Mackey, Wilson, McNamara & Baker Womens 4x 41:4055.48%
Horowhenua 1 crew not listed JM 4x+ 41:0355.42%
Porirua 1 crew not listed Womens 4+ 41:15
* No Prognostic Avail 

These numbers have been updated due to the time keepers knocking 4 mins off everyone's time. Prognostics still low overall, but better.