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End of Winter 10x10 Results

posted 29 Aug 2009, 20:41 by Nathan Wallace
The end of winter "10x10" challenge, which consists of a 10 kilometre erg followed by a 10 kilometre run was held today in ideal conditions - i.e. the water was too rough to row on!

The women started the erg section off 5 minutes before the men, and the men only just caught up as that section ended. This was always a runners' event however and, despite some good erg scores being clocked, the fast runners ended up dominating the race.

P. Ward from the Star masters squad won the event overall, and J. Paton of the Wellington Girls College squad won the women's division.

Top 3 Men

 Name Club Time (h:min:sec)
 P. Ward
 Star B.C.
 B. Dunsheath
 Star B.C.
 O. O'Brien
 Porirua R.C.

Top 3 Women

 Name Club Time (h:min:sec)
 J. Paton
 Star B.C.
 O. Khytko
 Star B.C.
 J. Lampard
 Star B.C.