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End of Winter 10x10 2010 Results

posted 28 Aug 2010, 22:13 by Nathan Wallace
The end of winter "10x10" challenge, which consists of a 10 kilometre erg followed by a 10 kilometre run has become an annual event, after it was staged for the 2nd time today (Aug 29th)

Despite the rain, conditions were much calmer this year. Good times were expected, and Melissa Bray of the Star masters squad managed to shave off over 4 minutes from the best women's time of 2009. With last year's winner Paul Ward off recovering from surgery, no records were broken in the men's event; however Mike Tong and Stu Hancock of the Wellington College squad finished within a minute or two of the magic 80 minute mark to take 1st and 2nd respectively.

The women started first, as they did last year, and despite most of the men starting 35 min's later there was still an overlap.

Erg times were measured this year as well, to give an idea of how fast the run was.

Top 3 Men (record P.Ward 2009 1:19:30)

 Name Club 10k Erg Time Time (h:min:sec)
Mike Tong Star B.C.
39:04.2 1:21:11
Stu Hancock Star B.C.
Julian Williams Wellington R.C.

Top 3 Women (record M. Bray 2010 1:30:39)

 Name Club 10k Erg Time Time (h:min:sec)
Melissa Bray Star B.C.
Ana Popovich 
 Star B.C.
Sarah Blackmore
 Star B.C.45:16.21:50:38

Thanks once again to Concept 2 for the prizes and to Tim Blackmore, Nestar Russell and Pete Tong for their help with the event.