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10x10 2012 Results

posted 1 Sep 2012, 21:07 by Nathan Wallace
A new men's record was set on the 10x10 today. The 10km erg, followed by 10km run was won by Star master's squad member Andrew Crosland. Andrew put in a good erg time of 36:21.8 before completing the race in a time of 1:16:59. The women's race was won by newcomer to rowing, Josie Askin. Josie didn't set the world on fire with her erg time, but was able to power past a lot of the contestants on the running section.

Full Results:


Name Club Time(h:min:sec)
Josie Askin Star B.C. 1:35:32
Sara McFall Wellington R.C. 1:54:19
Pippa Loveard Star B.C. Retired
Tjasa Viler Star B.C. Retired

Name Club Time(h:min:sec)
Andrew Crosland Star B.C. 1:16:59
Robbie Delany Star B.C. 1:24:36
Henry Morrow Star B.C. 1:27:13
Phillip Wilson Star B.C. 1:27:29
Jack Roy Star B.C. 1:29:49
William Johnstone Star B.C. 1:35:00
Tasmain Wain Star B.C. 1:36:18
David Ravine Star B.C. 1:37:22
Matt Clay Star B.C. 1:37:34
Brook Walker Star B.C. 1:38:38
Marcus Gamboni Star B.C. 1:41:04
Patrick Gibson Star B.C. 1:41:08
Connor Burns Star B.C. 1:42:35
Michael Frawley Star B.C. 1:47:03
Andre Gordon Star B.C. 1:47:28
Sam Wilkins Star B.C. 1:47:32
Matt Belworthy Star B.C. 1:49:52
Lawrence Henderson Star B.C. 1:53:11
Jack Perkins Star B.C. 1:54:43
Bruce Mills Star B.C. 1:56:25
Harry Delany Star B.C. 1:21:08*
Gus Higgie Star B.C. Retired
* Did not report at mid-run point - disqualified